Pomponazzi is the World's No.1 Real Quartz Glass Protection System. 
It not only enhances the surface finish, it also enhances the scratch resistance, surface protection (UV, Guano, Dust, Grime, Wine, Food etc) and water repellant capabilities.
Protecting your assets with a better than showroom finish with minimal cleaning required.

Whats Benefits ? 

  • Protects & Enhances New Car Shine
  • Makes Washing Easy
  • Eliminates Waxing & Polishing
  • No Polymers
  • Preserves Resale Value of New Car
  • Increases Resale Value of Used Car
  • More accurate colour matching for touch ups and panel work

Official : www.pomponazzi.com.au

World No.1 KOREA REAL INORGANIC POMPONAZZI GLASS COATING almost 99% glass coating products are fake and not real glass coating , they used toxic zylene,benzene material, when two glass coating materials comparing to burning test then real glass coating ash burn with remianed red light(no more burning and remain many